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Referral Links: Meaning, Purpose, Types

Referral Links: Meaning, Purpose, Types

There are a huge amount of link building tactics which refer to different types of links. But how to measure the effectiveness of link or what percentage of traffic it brings. For these purposes, there are referral links. What what is this and how to use it?

What Is a Referral link?

A referral link, also known as an affiliate one, is the URL that allows a company to promote their products or web content. It contains the affiliate ID that tracks how visitors arrive at a website. It is generated when a visitor is converted into a customer by submitting a form or buying a product. Then the affiliate site is rewarded a commission. Next, let’s discuss, “What is referral traffic?”

Referring traffic can be defined as the total number of clicks to a particular website which comes from referral links. In other words, it is the number of people who visit a site through external links. Often, visitors start by viewing the information. Then, they start receiving promotional ads and might get interested in the advertised services or products. After a while, they might place orders or hire the services. Generally, the higher the traffic, the more the views and consequently the higher the probability of generating leads.

The quantity of visitors is important but their quality matters the most. Every business needs potential buyers as opposed to mere spectators. Potential buyers usually subscribe to make purchases. That said, quality is the most significant aspect of an online campaign.

If you are doing a market campaign, you can generate referring links in 3 major ways.

  1. You can attach the affiliate ID the URL for reference and give it directly to your affiliates.
  2. Your affiliate can add the affiliate ID manually at the end of any of your product page or URL on your site.
  3. Your affiliate can generate their link for reference from a specific area in your website designated for this purpose. All they need is to paste the page address into the Page URL area. Then you can track all the data concerns your referral links.

Note that your affiliates can share the links for reference through emails and social media. They consist of two parts: one is derived from a vanity URL and the second part is a special code which tracks the number of references and shares. This second part is usually the advocate’s name or email address. Anyone who clicks on them is redirected to a landing page which has the coupon code that potential clients can use at their local stores.

Types of referral traffic and its advantages

There are two major sources of referral traffic: paid and natural.

  • Natural backlinks are usually embedded on mailing lists, social media pages, or forums.
  • Paid traffic emanates from blog articles, posts, and other ads that can create conversions and sales generation.

How can you create a quality URL? There are certain features that make up the quality ones namely design originality, interesting subject, the novelty of the information, and clear presentation. Their outcomes are not always realized instantly. They might take a few months after customers post their reviews and testimonials. Naturally, comments, feedback, invitations, and the entire internet community increases traffic. It is important to periodically update the content to make the approach both natural and qualitative.

A referral URL may not always carry the truth. Some are fabricated while others carry misleading information. Certain web browsers do not send them to websites. But users can manually copy the address and paste it on the browser’s address bar. Also, some sites have features that block addresses when users click on them.

Most people perceive traffic from references as a bad thing especially when it comes in a huge number. A link with insignificant content may have a negative effect on an authoritative site. Since reference transitions increase rapidly, they can lead to resource filtering the search engines. The best method for steady increase starts with good content followed by vigorous unwinding. Customers are more interested in informative content as opposed to sales pitches. When properly integrated, that URLs can bring you the desired outcomes.

1. Blogs and Reviews. Such types of links work as recommendations. The main point is to place a link inside the article in the most essential way to bring the value to the reader.

2. Social Networks. Social bloggers make a great impact on society`s opinion so there is not a surprise that placing links in their accounts can be very profitable for business.

3. Email Marketing. It`s a kind of barter when 2 companies which have relative niches are cooperating to get more customers.

Also, a lot of different companies propose referral programs for their customers. It helps to gain more traffic to the business and get some sales or other benefits for their customers. Moreover, there are a lot of specialized companies and referral tracking software which simplify creating and managing referral programs for your business. You can check the profit from your referral program with the help of Google Analytics or specialized tools like Omnistar Tell Referral Software. affiliate program

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