Uscreen Review 2022: Pros & Cons for SEO
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Uscreen Review 2022: Pros & Cons for SEO

Uscreen is a reliable online video hosting platform. With its, help video creators can post, manage and monetize their products. The service is one of the most popular video hosting services. Uscreen’s team of more than 70 employees helps more than 15,000 creators, brands and companies monetize their videos and make money.

You can sell content as subscriptions, free trials, one-time sales, even offer free content. A great way to finally start earning!

The provider lets clients use customizable themes, add captions and subtitles. It also allows creators to adjust the speed of the video and automatically play the next one. Companies can monetize their content for global distribution.

Uscreen Pros & Cons

According to many positive uscreen reviews, this service is a great option for posting clips online. You can manage your clips, add subtitles, share them on social networks. But is everything so good with this service? Let’s find out!

Let’s quickly go over the key pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Affordable prices
Features for the Admin
OTT features
Analytics features
Marketing integrations
Slow and unresponsive customer service
Limited interface
Limited payment methods

Uscreen in Brief

Characteristic Information
Uptime guarantee 99.99%
Support options phone, email
Hosting plans Video Hosting
Features Branded OTT apps, Live-streaming, Video CMS, Video Player, Monetization
Starting price $49 a month
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When to Use Uscreen

You can use Uscreen to create video content and need somewhere to post it and manage your media. This provider is most suitable for novice users. It’s very simple and frankly lacks advanced features that would interest professionals. If you haven’t monetized your videos yet, you can start doing so on this platform.

Nevertheless, Uscreen is a reliable video hosting service because it has really powerful servers. If you’re just starting your journey into video content creation and publishing, we recommend starting with Uscreen. It’s a good opportunity to get acquainted with such services due to the large knowledge base and responsive support.

When Not to Use Uscreen

If you’ve been creating video content for a while, you need more advanced features for power users. That’s not to say that Uscreen is a bad service. But for those who already have experience with video hosting, it can be too easy. We recommend that you still look at alternative providers before you make your final decision.

Also, you should not post videos that promote unhealthy lifestyles, advertise for illegal substances, or call for the overthrow of the government. If your content does not violate community norms, you are not in danger, and your videos are safe.

Uscreen Performance

Server performance is critical to make the final choice. If you have any questions about the provider’s capacity, you can always contact the support service for more detailed information. If you plan to expand, then it is worth thinking in advance whether you can do so within the chosen hosting, or you will need to move to another.

Sometimes it is better to opt for a more powerful hosting right away to avoid the transition process, no matter how simple it is.

Let’s take a look at the top Uscreen performance facts on their website:

  • Bandwidth & storage is included
  • Centralized CMS with dynamic changes
  • White-glove account management
  • Detailed analytics
  • Average release time 30-60 days
  • API Access

This functionality is enough for novice video creators. In principle, for such a low price, the performance is good, considering that we will test this site’s speed in practice. A little later, we will also check the download speed of the first byte.

Uscreen Speed Test Results

It is necessary to choose a reliable and fast service for posting videos. Users want to upload videos quickly, so the speed of content uploading is very significant. You don’t want users to leave, do you?

If your video doesn’t load quickly, the user will simply go to another video, and you won’t get the views. And the more of them you got, the higher your videos will be ranked by search engines and the more often offered to users. To find out the download speed of content with this server, we used popular services to measure the Average Loading Time to provide you comprehensive uscreen hosting review.

Here are the results:

Test Average Loading Time
GTmetrix test 2.3 s
Pingdom test 532 ms
PageSpeed Insights (Google) 3 s

The results are great! Rest assured that your videos posted on this platform will load fast (as long as the viewer has a good enough connection).

Uscreen Uptime Guarantees

Your videos must be available for viewing at all times. Ensuring that your viewers have access to your videos at all times can be helped by a quality provider who provides excellent Uptime Guarantees.

Uscreen uptime guarantees

Uscreen guarantees near-constant availability of your videos. 99.99% is a great value! Rest assured of constant access to your videos. It is a stable service that makes sure that your videos are shown to your users, and no external factors would interfere.

Uscreen Server Response Time

Another mattering indicator is the Server Response Time. We will check it with Bitcatcha.

Uscreen Server Response Time

What kind of performance would be considered good? Google considers sites that load faster than 200ms to be fast. In the screenshot of the results, you can see how fast Uscreen loads. An excellent, guaranteed result, for which Bitcatcha gave a grade of A+.

Uscreen Site Migration

Free migration is included in the Amplify plan. To migrate your videos from another site, you need to sign up for this plan and contact the support team. The company’s experts will do the migration swiftly, and it will be free as part of the Amplify plan.

If this plan is too expensive for you and the migration is necessary, you can discuss it with the sales team for an additional fee. Don’t be afraid to ask! Uscreen web hosting always listens to its customers and strives to get better for them.

Uscreen Types and Pricing

Since it is a video service, there is only one type of hosting – Video Hosting. It is very good that the provider has a specialization, and it can serve one purpose. Uscreen does its best to make sure that users get quality service for a small fee. For those who post videos online, it is a great option!

Uscreen Types and Pricing
Uscreen web hosting prices

Video hosting

Depending on what features you need, what you want to achieve with your provider, you can choose from three uscreen hosting plans.

Uscreen Types and Pricing 2
Uscreen web hosting prices

The Basic plan starts at $49 a month. For this fee, you get to use unlimited memory, help with getting started with the service. It is a good option to test out the key features of the service. If you upload a few clips and won’t use live-streaming, you can choose Basic and test the service’s basic functionality.

The Amplify plan is already much more expensive because there are many advanced features in addition to everything that is already in the previous plan. Use this plan if you need to host your videos on a reliable hosting service to keep your business running. The cost starts at $399 per month. It is a large amount of money, but the plan will give you many benefits, and with this provider, you can boost your videos’ monetization.

The Enterprise plan will be individually tailored to the needs of your project. You can discuss the cost and conditions with the sales department so that the specialists can select the functionality just for you.

Ready to choose your plan?

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Security Features

Security features are also significant.

Let’s take a look at the key facts about Uscreen security:

  • Secure VOD & live-streaming
  • Secure checkout and payment
  • SSL Security
  • HLS Video Encryption
  • Secure streaming on any device
  • Secure downloads on OTT apps
  • Geo-blocking content restrictions

Uscreen Security Features

As you can see, security is not in last place here. All the features to ensure user protection make Uscreen even more competitive among other providers. You can trust this site. According to the multiple positive uscreen reviews, users remain happy with the security measures. A nice bonus to all the other functionality of the provider.

Support Service

Support for Uscreen’s customers and potential users lies with the company’s specialists. It is one of the provider’s big pluses, as most competitors shift the care of users to other companies.

When you communicate with the support team, you can be sure that you are communicating with an experienced specialist who will do everything to solve your issue. You can contact the support team by phone or write a request letter to the company’s e-mail.

Uscreen Support Service

We decided to use the request form on the site. You can conveniently create a request in the online chat format, which the support team will soon review. We wrote and waited over 12 hours for a response. However, 12 hours later, we received a reply to our email from a sales specialist.

Uscreen Quick Facts

Fact Information
Bandwidth unlimited in each plan
FREE SSL Certificate included
Captions & Subtitles included in each plan
Advanced Features Website, marketing tools & automation
Video Speed Adjustment in each plan
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Uscreen Review: Do We Recommend It?

According to this uscreen review, we can confidently recommend it for startups and mid-sized companies! With the most affordable plan, you get excellent support, the ability to post an unlimited number of videos on servers, and the ability to add subtitles and monetize videos.

If you’ve been dreaming of earning money with your video content for a long time, then it’s your moment! Sign up for the plan and show your content to even more users around the world. It’s time to stop making content for free; start making money!

Ready to choose your plan?

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FAQs on Uscreen
Each plan comes with a lot of interesting additional features by default. You can find the full list on the official website, and here we'll show you the most interesting ones.

  • Customizable Website & Pages
  • Catalog & Category pages
  • Built-In Commenting
  • Centralized Admin for management
  • Sales & Financial Analytics
  • Integrations with Email Marketing

Yes. It's a great option for first-time users!
Yes, you can view a few of our customer’s apps. Just chat with customer support.